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She Who Dares

 'She Who Dares'                                     

An extract from the above named book by Jools Abrahms- Humhries, an inspiring and motivating guide to a world of extraordinary activities, undertaken by ordinary women across Britain. A fully referenced book to help you
She who dares book
discover your adventurous guide, inspired by the women's group of the same name - She Who Dares!

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Belly Dancing
This was added as a rare evening activity, and we assembled in a brightly lit dance studio at a local school, disconcerted by the fact that the room was illuminated in full view of the car park, where people were streaming in to the car park to pick up children from football practice.

Samirah, our teacher from the Belly Belles school of dance arrived clad in long coat and winter mittens, with the CD player and a bunch of chiffon scarves. We were all dressed in loose clothes, some in swishy skirts as requested. Samirah slipped off her big coat and revealed a sapphire blue harem outfit, resplendent in shimmering discs of gold, draped with veils and embroidered in rich patterns, and a perfectly toned, flat belly. There was an audiable sucking in of stomachs from the group as she proceeded to show us posture and lead us through a warm up.

Samirah (real name Debbie, but Samirah sounds better for teaching, and means entertaining companion in Arabic) extolled the virtues of belly dancing as an exercise. She's been dancing for 7 years, teaching for three, and has taken her dance group to Luxor, Egypt three times . I don't know if she sold any of them for camels. The music transported us from the cold and dark of the British winter, to somewhere warm and sandy, and we began undulating with graceful arm movements and slightly snaky, or shaky, hips to one side of the room and back again. I had dragged along my daughter and a friend who had stopped for tea, promising I would pay their £5 fee and buy them each a giant bar of chocolate afterwards.  I was now getting looks from them that could burn holes through steel as they shimmmied behind me in a circle.

Samirah taught us a basic routine that was much harder than it looked, and quite an aerobic workout after all that tummy tensing. Belly dancing really works the core. One move was called the camel, not known as the most graceful of creatures, and we did it proud, strains of the Bangles, walk like an Egyptian going through our heads. She concluded the session by trying to teach us the Arabic wail. We were too typically reserved and English to do it justice, but it did seem to send people scurrying from the car park below.