Here Belly Belles students give their views on what 'Belly Dancing' has meant to them:
two belly dancers chatting
Click here to read an extract from the book 'She who Dares', this extract follows the Women's Group of the same name, as they attend one of Samirah's Belly Dance Workshop's.

'The best fun you can have with your clothes on!' - Hilary - Wormley

'Attending the Bellydance for Wellbeing class makes me feel more balanced, feminine and happy. It is also a great workout!' - Tanya - Bishop's Stortford 2019

'I have been going to Bellydance for wellbeing and Bollywood Fitness for months now and it is great fun. The Bollywood is an energetic and really fun class with catchy songs and moves. You almost feel like you're in a movie! The Bellydance is sensual and empowering. You can go at your own pace, there's no pressure to be perfect and Samirah explains things very well. Plus you get to wear some great outfits' Nina -  Bishop's Stortford 2019

'I love my Bollywood group! I joined at a time when my confidence was low and Samirah encouraged me enormously. I have not only lost weight, increased my fitness levels and had lots of fun, but I have made some wonderful friends too. Bollywood Fitness is fantastic! Thank you Samirah' Mina - Bishop's Stortford 2019

' Wow has it really been 10 years? remember it well, coming along to wormley not knowing what to expect as an old lady, but boy did I enjoy every minute of my time with you and all the girls, only had to stop when I moved away, good luck to you all never think you are to old to dance'  Ronnie - 2016 

'A year ago, I was a housewife with a crazy idea that "one day" it'd be great to be a belly dancer. Then I thought: "why not?" And now, I'm a housewife who stuns people by casually mentioning that I AM a belly dancer!'     M.Dines

'I cannot thank Samirah enough for bringing the fun and laughter back into my life. I started with the Belly Belles end of June 2013 through a recommendation whilst at Chelsea Pensioners Founders Day. Due to unforeseen circumstances I stopped going the end of July just a few classes in, but as I had enjoyed it so much I forced myself to go back the end November and I am so glad I did!!!  Being a total beginner, through her encouragement (as well as from the other lovely ladies at class) and patience, as I'm not one to pick up things quickly (she goes left I go right) I have re-found my confidence as a person as well as my womanness through the dancing and find myself swaying my hips at any opportunity. It's true what they say dancing is good for the soul - and Samirah is one of those special people who can bring it out in a person'
Tina - Bishops Stortford 2016

'Just a note to say thank you Samirah for the Belly Dance Lessons. Those horizontal 8's and camels really helped my back after the birth of my twins'   Melanie - Ware

Suzy-Jane from Ware says :  'After falling from my loft a few years ago, fracturing my spine, twisting my coccyx round, and damaging my heart, I've found any type of exercise tricky - Belly dancing helps me with flexibility, suppleness & gentle exercise without any stress on my heart or spine - plus it's great for loosenning up the hips!'
Maria from Hoddesdon says : 'I'm thinner and more toned, but more to the point, I couldn't give a flying stuff about all that! Belly dancing has toned me up, but we're all normal, human-sized women in the class, and the great thing is, after just a few classes, all the inhibitions ("does my bum look big in this?") just disappear. It's a fabulous feeling; the best thing about it all is the vastly improved body confidence!'
Jan from Ware says :'I lost four inches from my waist in four months of starting Belly Dance classes!'
Shirley from Hoddesdon says : 'Belly dancing has given me so much more energy'

Rochelle from Ware: After dancing at a number of belly dance classes over the years, I found Belly Belles!  Immediatly I found the class and the  tutor very welcoming, a lovely friendly group.  We are always learning new dances, and the warm up is brilliant too. Belly dancing for me is so enjoyable, and has always been the most amazing escape, even when I go to class in the worst mood, I always leave smiling, and sometimes even slightly euphoric!!
Dancing helps with my back problems, and even when my muscles are in spasm I still try and go to class and end up feeling better after:)..I would encourage anyone with an interest in dance or fitness, or just looking to do something different, to give it a try!
Ruth from Much Hadham says : "Although I have been to various belly dance classes in London over the years, I have made much more progress with Belly Belles. Samirah is an excellent teacher, as she explains the moves clearly and builds your skill and confidence in stages.
Dancing at the fetes and haflas is great fun, and ladies, this is a chance to indulge your passion for glittery, sparkly, jangly clothes and jewellery!"
Joelle from Ware says :' I've always wanted to learn egyptian dancing.  One day, a little over 3 years ago, I saw a photo of Samirah in the local newspaper.  After my first class, I knew that this was a right dance style for me as I can adapt the moves to my own personality. Samirah encourages us to interpret the music and create our own moves accordingly  Moreover, I've met very pleasant girls and I certainly look forward to every class. You can forget all your worries and personal problems. I particularly enjoy dancing at local fêtes and Haflahs.  Thanks, Samirah !'

Sandy from Hoddesdon: I am really enjoying the class at Wodson Park- Belly dancing has given me confidence, enjoyment, exercise to music and good company with a great teacher 'Samirah'.  We learn such a variety of dances that the hour flies by.

Sam from Bishops Stortford: I have found that Samirah's Belly Dance Lesson's help to releive the pain of my backache...I often turn up to class feeling stiff and achy 'but'  after class I feel good and more flexible, I find it also cures a headache and releives stress.

Yasmin from Bishops Stortford:  I've been dancing for a year now.. and first joined- as I thought Egyptian dancing would be a great hobby to try- but since remained and really enjoy the classes, its fun, such a welcoming\inspiring instructor and group of girls- aswell as a great exercise for my health and I look forward to Thursday evenings :) Thank you Samirah!

Jo from Ware says: 'I first joined the class to work on body isolation and flexibilty, as a form of exercise. But after just a few weeks I was hooked, and now I really enjoy the whole mood of the dance, the music, the outfits and the really friendly and enjoyable atmosphere of the class. My husband commented recently that my posture has really improved since starting about 6 months ago, and that I now walk like a dancer!"
Linda from Birchanger says: 'Belly dancing for me is a way of switching off from the world and just focussing on the moment . I defy anyone to think of anything else whilst trying to keep up! It's great fun, relaxing and yet energizing . It is great being in a group of people who are just there to be happy.  The teaching is excellent too.'
Jan from Much Hadahm says: 'I first contacted Samirah to arrange a charity evening for Breast Cancer Research and we had such a fun evening learning new dances and listening to the wonderful music I joined her class, met lots of lovely ladies and got fitter as a result – I would recommend Samirah’s classes wholeheartedly'.
Diane from Bishops Stortford says: 'I started going to Belly Belles last Autumn as my friend wanted to give it a try. I have been dancing with another group for about 5 years on and off, but this has had to close recently. 
Samirah is a great teacher and the rest of the Much Hadham class were very welcoming. I joined the Belly Belles Dancing Troupe and have danced at 3 different events which I have enjoyed. I love dressing up in the colourful costumes I have accumulated.
 I wish I could make some of the outings Samirah has arranged. They sound great fun but so far I have always been away.
As I often have other commitments on Fridays, I now go to the Thursday evening class at Birchanger and have met another lot of lovely ladies. I always look forward to going dancing'.
Jo from Harlow says: 'I like learning the new dance form, meeting new friends and it's great fun.  But mostly, I like that Samirah's classes are not intimidating like a lot of others can be.  I feel like it's all girls together and no one is comparing or competing with each other for who's the best or who's the fittest etc.  I can really enjoy myself and have a good time.'


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