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About Us

Belly Belles is an Egyptian Dance Group based in Hertfordshire and Essex

Belly Belles Group Photo
Established over 10 years ago in Bishops Stortford, Belly Belles now has classes in Bishops Stortford, Ware, Harlow, Much Hadham, and Hoddesdon. The emphasis in our teaching is for great fun, fitness and being part of a group of friends.
A key part of the local community, Belly Belles are always a hit at local fetes, festivals and carnivals. See our events page for gallery and forth coming events.
We also cater for local business, groups, schools and colleges and can offer a wide range of team building activities focused on the fun and art of dancing with your belly.
At least once a year we hold a 'Haflah' which means party in Arabic. This is a fantastic fun filled evening with lots of laughter guaranteed. Here we show off our belly dance skills to our friends and family, we also invite guest dancers, musicians and African Drummers from the Baobab Jungle and Jazzexplorium. 
As well as holding a Haflah once a year, we also hold Club Mizmar which is a Belly Dance Show Case Club, in Bishops Stortford every three months, we also organize trips out  for the students. We have in the past attended, Cafe Africa in Cambridge for a Belly Dance show case evening, Planet Egypt a monthly Belly Dance show case Bar in Islington, several Greek restaurants, Arabian themed party nights, Lebonese and Moroccan Restaurants, even a trip to London to see the Rocky Horror Show!! what fun that was!
We also host Dance workshops e.g. A zagat and stick Workshop with Raqs Sharqi tutor Clare Morgan from Letchworth, who is also a member of the Tabeeya Dance Company. A veil Workshop with Anne White from Planet Egypt, London, A Bollywood Workshop with Showmi Daz and the list goes on.
Samirah has also taken several of her students to Luxor in Egypt and Glastonbury, in  the Uk for a dancing holiday! 
Egyptian dancing is suitable for all, and our aim is to reach people of all abilities. We offer workshops  for school children, for adults with learning disabilities and we provide entertainment to the elderly in residential care.