Weekend in Glastonbury

"Luxor (Egypt) and Avalon (Glastonbury, UK) are two portals to Goddess energy that are important in the balance between the yin and yang forces"

The isle of Avalon


Glastonbury Fringe, Bollywood

Samirah held Bollywood Fitness workshops in Glastonbury for two weeks in May 2019 and some of the students performed with her at the Glastonbury Fringe folk festival outside the Town hall on May 26th. The weather was beautiful and we all had a great time. Glastonbury FM were there and their presenter decided to join us with the dancing, here she is in the photo opposite (in denim :)

contact Samirah if you would like more details 


Samirah performing at the Glastonbury Fringe festival


This year we had a workshops with local Belly Dance Tutor Claire Salem again, and learnt how to balance a tea tray on our heads whilst dancing, great fun, we also danced on the tour for the Summer solstice celebrations, and took in all the sites again. A wonderful trip.


This year we stayed at a beautiful guest house called Berachah situated next to the Chalice Well Gardens! 
We held a pagan dance workshop the week before we left for Glastonbury and made our beautiful flower headdresses, which we wore at the Summer Solstice celebrations on the tor, it was amazing, a lovely sunset and lots of dancing and drumming, just awesome.                                                                                                                                                                                             
on the tor with the druids
As welll as the summer solstice celebrations we had a wonderful 
dark cabaret dance workshop with  local belly dance tutor Claire Salem who also gave us tuition in how to make our own Belly Dance costume, hence our new blue costumes being worn at events these days !
On the sunday we danced at Glastonbury Fringe by Market Cross, The audience were very welcoming, even passing a hat round to help with our petrol money :
Summer Solsticedancing near the George and pilgrom

We ate in the very old George and Pilgrim Inn in Glastonbury as well as La Terre and the Blue Note Cafe, the food was wonderful!  and the historical sites such as the Abbey Ruins, Chalice Well Gardens and the Tor were magical! Can't wait until next time!


chalice well gardens

This years theme was Crystals, and we certainly saw a lot of them! Beautiful Lapis lazuli was the stone that inspired our sacred dance choreography.  We performed our dance on the Tor after sunset, it was amazing. We were lucky enough to have some Shaman Drummers on the Tor at the same time as us, who played their drums while we danced, what a fantastic experience!

Star gazing on the Tor at midnight was  an awesome experience :)

We also made crystal bracelets from several varieties of crystal chips, one of which makwas lapis lazuli, to wear while we danced.

Saturday evening before climbing the Tor we went to the Stone Age shop in Glastonbury for some Crystal Sound Activation meditation. Wow! what an experience that was, all of us experiencing different sensations including tingling, heat, calmness, someone even felt that their back was being massaged!

Sunday morning we went to a Tribal Belly Dance workshop with Storm a local dance Tutor. We all learnt something new during this class and came out feeling uplifted!

The whole weekend was filled with fun, laughter, spirituality, meditation, dancing and music!

Tribal Belly Dance with Storm

Above is a photo of us after our Workshop with storm. (Storm is third from the left dark hair in a bun)

We are all looking forward to going back next year, are you interested in coming with us in 2014 ? :)


workshop with storm in the goddess temple
Posing after a workshop with 'Storm' in the Goddess Temple

Glastonbury is well known today for the annual music festival which takes place near the town, and where the image of the Tor is often seen in the TV coverage. Last year (2012) there was not a music festival, but, an event called the 'Glastonbury Fringe' which took place at various venues around the town. This event celebrates music, dance and theatre the Belly Belles actually performed there, during their weekend away. 


During our stay in Glastonbury we enjoyed a Belly Dance workshop with local dance tutor 'Storm', she taught us the basics of Gypsy style Belly Dance, the photo above shows us after the workshop with Storm, (second in from the right)

Samirah held a workshop on a Pagan style dance, in the Hotel, which actually included some very similar moves to Bely Dance. the workshop was rounded off by us making flower head garlands to wear for the pagan dance, which we performed at the top of the mythical 'Tor' later that day - As we were performing this dance on top of the Tor it was very windy and had been rainig, but we were all thoughly enjoying our special time there,  when un beknown to us the most glorious rainbow had appeared behind to everyones delight, please see the video below and watch our reaction, especially Samirah's as she see's this wonderful creation !

Another of the highlights was watching a performance by the wonderful Bare Foot Belly Dancers on Sa

YouTube Video

turday evening, in a local pub as part of the Glastonbury Fringe.


Apart from dancing we visited several historical sites, namely the Tor, Abbey Ruins and the Chalice Well gardens, all steeped in history and mythology.


Samirah intends on having another Belly Dance Weekend in Glastonburythis year, and invites you to come along, please contact her on 07904 198309 or use our contact form for more details.