Schools and Colleges

Egyptian boy Sand Dancing
It's always a pleasure to bring Egytian Dance into a school, playgroup, nursery or college. The younger students seem to find it fascinatng, especially the jingly coin belts we wear. The older students tend to be very excited about learning the moves, especially the teenage girls.

Playschools and Nursery Schools

Usually we start by introducing Samirah and giving a short talk about her dance experience as well as a little information about Egypt, e.g. where it is in the world, what the weather is like, famous places of interest etc and then an Egyptian dance display to which the children are encouraged to join in. Samirah always has a number of hip scarves, headresses etc with her for the children to try on.

Schools and Colleges

Here we can offer workshops or classes in Egyptian Dance. Many primary schools like to combine this dance experience with a history lesson on Ancient Egypt, often children and teachers are dressed in Egyptian attire. Sometimes Samirah will stay for half a day at a primary school, holding short lessons in Egyptian dance to as many classes as possible, and then having a finale to finish!  where all can get up and dance!
Egyptian Dance is also very popular to have when hosting a cultural/international day/evening at schools and colleges
Eye of Horus

Samirah has in the past taught Egyptian Dance as a subject for P.E in schools.
In senior schools Samirah quite often takes a class in Egyptian Dance as an alternative to the regular dance lessons, offering the students an insight into another style of dance. 

Exercise to Music

Samirah also offers  'exercise to music' to schools and colleges especially those catering for adults with learning disabilities. Here she would start with a gentle warm up and light stretches, followed by a low impact fitness workout, with some dance moves, a 2 minute water break, followed by a cool down with stretches.
Samirah fully undrestands that everyone is different and that some students may find some moves difficult or impossible, here she would implement moves suitable for those individuals, as well as for those that are more capable.
All in all your dance experience with Samirah can be taylor made to your schools' liking, please contact Samirah for more information.
Samirah is a Qualified Exercise to Music Instructor as well as an experienced dance tutor. She has had much experience and training in working with Adults with learning disabilities.