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This class is for those students who have moved up from being beginners to Improvers, after attending the Beginners class for at least 18 months or until they can confidently perform the basic moves of Egyptian dance, At this level the student should have worked with their arms as well as their hips, to bring the whole body into the dance. The arms are quite difficult to incorporate into the dance as a beginner, but by the time the student has been dancing a year, the arms are a natural progression in the dance and will be looked at in the beginner level one class, roughly 6 months before moving up to Improver level.

Belly Dance Improvers
In the Improvers class we will work with props such as veils, fans, zills (finger cymbals), tea light candles, canes, a man...!! :) the list is endless.
As you can see by the photo's below, most women gain confidence in themselves by the time they reach the improvers class, often having improved their posture, achieved their desired weight, overcome any shyness and become over all more contented in their own skin, and this becomes very obvious by the wonderful costumes they now choose to wear! 

Class Format

A warm up is given as in the beginners class, but this time a little more energetic, with a few more travelling moves etc, again we perform pre stretches, here you have the option to progress some of the stretches for maximum effect. As with the beginners class these warm ups are for your safety, to mobilise the joints, warm up the muscles, prevent injury and increase flexibility.

Belly Dance Improvers Warming Up

Belly Dance Samirah Teaching
We also learn a choreography from the beginning and each week will learn a little more of the dance until we have been taught the whole thing. We would go over the moves from the week before and learn a few more from the choreography, as well as this we usually go over several old dance choreographies we have learnt in the past, as to refresh our memories in these dances, to be able to confidently perform them at any events coming up!
We sometimes finish the class with a little partner dancing, free styling or perhaps a dance game, if we get the time!

Class photos taken by Anna Sjöborg