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This class is suitable for absolute beginners and those with a little knowledge of the dance. Most students remain in the beginners class for at least a year and a half, or until they can perform the basic moves with confidence. During these 18 months Students will progress from Beginners to Beginners level 1 and then on to the Improver level.

Class Format

Every week we begin the class with a gentle aerobic warm up with music, to ensure the mobilisation of the joints and warm up of the muscles.

Belly Dance Class Warm Up
Belly Dance Class Warm Up

Belly Belles Warm Up Stretch
Once this has been achieved - instruction in pre dance stretches is given, this will help to prevent any damage to muscles while dancing, as well as increasing muscular flexibility. Please be sure to notify Samirah of any injuries prior to the warm up, as a precaution a medical health questionnaire will be given to you to fill out at your first visit to us. 

After the warm up and stretches we usually go over the basic Egyptian Dance moves for those absolute beginners, and also as a refresher for the other beginners, we then would put these moves to music. Each week we will learn part of a dance choreography from the beginning, so after approximately 6 weeks you will have been given the moves for a complete dance choreography and by 10 weeks should be able to confidently perform the dance in a group with either Samirah or a more experienced dancer leading.
Belly Dance Games
At the end of the class we quite regularly finish we either a little dance game or  some freestyle dancing around the room, hopefully using the moves you have learnt during the lesson! :)

Class photos taken by Anna Sjöborg