Class Routine

Belly Belles run Egyptian Belly Dance Classes based on the level of experience of its students:
Beginners Class
This class is suitable for absolute beginners and those with a little knowledge of the dance

Improvers Class
This class is for those students who have moved up from being beginners to Improvers, after attending the Beginners class for at least 18 months or until they can confidently perform the basic moves of Egyptian dance

Belly Belles Class Routine

What to Wear

Please wear a long skirt/ loose fitting trousers or leggings, a scarf to tie around your hips (any kind of scarf, after a while you may want to purchase a coin one for affect!) a top of your choice, - t-shirt, leotard or belly dance top (you don't need to show your belly, if you don't want to) we usually dance in bare feet, but soft flat shoes may be worn and trainers can be worn for the warm up.

Class photos taken by Anna Sjöborg
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