Generally speaking, the cabaret style of Belly Dance is intended to be  performed in a show-business venue, such as a restaurant, nightclub, bellygram, birthday party, corporate function, etc.

The look is often very glamorous, with sequins, beads, and glittery fabrics, but sometimes dancers who do this style select a more earthy look such as a coin bra/belt set teamed with a skirt made of natural fibres.

 This style is a combination, influenced by dances in Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Armenia, North Africa, Persia, other Middle Eastern countries, and Hollywood, and leaves great freedom for personal creativity within a show business framework. It also incorporates many innovations, such as veil work and sword balancing.

 Most dancers of this style incorporate audience interaction and other "show-biz" approaches into their acts to grab and hold the attention of an audience that expects entertainment to be flashy.