Baladi. (Pronounced "BELL uh dee".) Alternate spellings include Beledi, Beledy, and Balady.

back view of Samirah performing a figure of 8

In Arabic, people who have relocated from their rural homes to the city would use this word to refer to "my country", "my village", or "my home town." City people, in turn, may use it disparagingly to mean the people that come from the countryside, or hicks. In belly dance circles, the word beledi has several different meanings. Some people, especially in the United States, use this word as another name for the maqsoum rhythm, which is a folkloric rhythm, and asking a musician to play a "baladi" means you're asking for a song based on that rhythm. In an Egyptian nightclub show, after performing cabaret-style raqs sharqi in bedleh, the dancer may exit and do a costume change. When she re-enters, she may be wearing a baladi dress and do a "baladi" section to her show, which means a folkloric dance done to folkloric music.